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Our goal for InboxBrain is simple, automate mundane tasks for sales reps so they can focus on closing new accounts and driving growth for your business.

You Need Strong Sales To Succeed

A strong sales team is the back bone of your business. Without a constant flow of new clients, your growth will stagnate and, well, we all know what happens next. In order to drive that continued growth it’s important that your team has the tools they need to succeed in their role and sell your products or services.

Powerful Outreach Tools

Being sales professionals, we know how tedious it is sending 100-200 cold emails per day. We understand the pressure of sales quotas and the frustration when prospective clients don’t reply to your emails or show up to your appointments. When sales reps are frustrated, their confidence lags and their motivation sinks. By using InboxBrain, you are automating the most time consuming and challenging part of the sales cycle and placing your account executives in a position where they can succeed. When your sales agents are successful, your company is successful.

After testing countless products available on the market we couldn’t find one solution to meet all our needs. That’s why we built InboxBrain.

Omnichannel Approach

We wanted a tool that could not only automate the email follow-up process but also use an omnichannel approach with personalized SMS and ringless voicemail touch points to engage prospective clients. With these features in place we are able to streamline the prospecting process while increasing our reply rates and booking more calls with new clients.

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