Client Engagement That Delivers 236% Return on Investment

Return on Investment

InboxBrain automates your customer communication to build trust and keep your clients engaged to drive more revenue for your business.

We know you care deeply about your customers, so why are you only engaging with them once a year? Our measurable results lead to an average Return on Investment of 236%, measured 120 days after implementing our technology.

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What would a 32% increase in revenue mean for your business?

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Our Benefits

What benefits can you expect from our InboxBrain?

Increased Sales Productivity

Decrease the amount of time sending reminder emails and increase the amount of time in front of your clients taking care of their needs.

Built Trust With Your Clients

By engaging with your clients more frequently and with personalized copy, you build trust and personal brand recognition.

Omnichannel Approach

Connect with your customers where they spend their time. With email, SMS and ringless voicemail campaigns, you are engaging with your client where its most convenient for them.

We Are Focused On Your ROI

On average, our clients recoup their investment in our sales solutions in less than 4 months through increased Average Revenue per Customer (ARC) and referral business.

InboxBrain delivers measurable business impact.


Return on Investment

21.15 %

Productivity Improvement

3.82 month

Payback Period

94.92 %

Customer Satisfaction


To date, we have more than 2189 sales professionals from a diverse group of clients spanning many industries. We are proud of the relationships we form with our clients and are committed to their long-term success.